Jack & Fernand is a Start-up, our goal is to design stylish bags or accessories including technologies, and create products that will upgrade your lifestyle by having elite leather in your hand combined with innovation !

We believe that high quality leather can match perfectly with new technologies, and utility can match with style.

Dedicated to users : In Jack & Fernand we wake up each morning  with the mind full of ideas to help you feel more Stylish and Secure every day of your life.
We are always looking for technologies that will give you the security you need to preserve all your valuable goods or datas, and we force ourselves to include the best tech possible in each one of our products.

Style is also a key for us, and we guaranty that each one of our designs will have the best leather it could on it. We are attached to style, and we are convinced that the better quality we put in, the more style you will come out with ! And we believe that all our users deserves a classy style.

Dedicated to quality:¬†Our start-up can make the promise that every one of our products is made out of quality. The leather will be the best of Japan’s leather, our RFID blocking structure for our Albert Smart Wallet will come from a company that is renowned for it’s high quality makings in the UK, and manufacturing will be done by an elite in the domain from Portugal.

Who is behind Jack & Fernand ?

The young man behind Jack & Fernand is Lucien Bourdon.

What pushed you to create Jack & Fernand ?

I have always had this envy of creating something and being independent. I think that the world is growing up every day and it needs people to help to this development. Therefore I want to be part of it and by creating something which includes values that I think are important, like putting the best quality possible into our products or guarantee the security of valuable goods by bringing technology into our designs, I feel like I am doing my part in this help of growth.

So why bags and accessories then ?

When I was a child and a teenage I use to train every day at basketball, so it means that I had to make a bag every day to go to training. And as I was going to training I was always thinking of how I could improve the weight of the bag, how I could make it more and more practical, what could I bring into it so it looks better or “performs” better. So when I went to International Business Studies, I came in with this childhood dream of making my own company and this other project of upgrading my bags. And at the end of my International Business Studies I decided to create Jack & Fernand, and bring to high quality leather bags and accessories a new breath with some technologies to protect your valuable goods and make your bags and accessories practical at their most but without losing any of your style.

And last but not least why did you call your Start-up “Jack & Fernand” ?

Another important value in life to me is Family and where I come from. I am born of an English mother and a French father. And both Jack & Fernand where great-grand-parents. As I said I am very attached to my roots and my friends regularly ask me whether I feel more British or more French, and naturally I feel both. I am 50/50 and it will always be like this, and this is why I named it Jack & Fernand, because it reflects my values that are Family and Roots.